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Paw Paw Pulls the Plug on Cancer

On the best summer day in Minnesota, the sun shines bright on the corn leaf, giving all the power the chlorophyll needs to take 6 carbon atoms, and 6 oxygen atoms (leaving 6 left over to form oxygen gas for us to breathe) and combine them with 12 hydrogens to make the sweet corn even sweeter. Glucose is born. These 12 hydrogen atoms bond to the carbon ring, storing energy in this sweet substance.

Along about the end of August, farmers pull pickup trucks into the parking lots of towns and cities and the feeding frenzy begins. Families that regularly don't eat together find a renewed bonding experience as dozens of ears are stripped of their husks. Ultimately, it is the energy from a strong summer sun that is harvested, prepared, and consumed.

Interestingly enough, the above scenario also takes place in our bodies, at an atomic level. Let's take a look at that.

Glucose comes to us in a ring of carbons. A six carbon ring is split into two three carbon chains. These chains enter the famous Krebs cycle to finish the harvesting job. Temporarily, hydrogen atoms bond to a useful intermediate that is known as NAD, and so it becomes NADH. (Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide reduced, for us laypeople.) Eventually that hydrogen atom will be stripped off. When a hydrogen atom is stripped off, energy is released from the breaking of the bond. The body then grabs this hydrogen and bonds it with oxygen. In the end, we have energy and water (one hydrogen bonded to two oxygen atoms).

There is a very interesting complex of proteins that make up this aerobic factory. It is located within the inner membrane of the mitochondrion, the small cigar-shaped energy factory within the cytoplasm of our cells.

Five distinct respiratory complexes (processes) exist, each with a specific purpose. Respiratory complexes one and two transport hydrogen molecules from their respective carriers, NADH and FADH2, into a holding area called the intermembrane space, splitting off electrons for transfer to complex three, carried there by handy little carriers known as ubiquinone (appropriately named because they are so ubiquitous or widespread). One of the forms of ubiquinone is also known as CoQ10. [Co-Q10 is needed by every cell in the body for energy production.

Hydrogen atoms collect, making a charged chemical battery. When that charge builds up, the hydrogen percentage of success as more people use it, because that is typical pattern in all trials. We do not know precisely which types of cancer respond best as yet. People in the human trial realized benefits six to eight weeks into their regimen. People who respond to it should expect to continue taking it long term, perhaps for the rest of their lives. But this is true of anyone beating cancer. You have to continue some sort of regimen the rest of your life. You have to make changes in diet and lifestyle that keep your entire body healthy, as cancer is a systemic disease, affecting the entire system.

Rarely, someone might develop an allergy to Paw Paw just as they could to strawberries.
Dr. McLaughlin does not recommend taking Paw Paw for prevention. He reasons that a healthy person does not need to take antibiotics. So unless a person was addressing a particular condition, he does not recommend casually using it. It does have other uses as an herb. It appears to be anti-viral (some reports of shingles being controlled by it), anthelmintic (kills worms), anti-fungal (e.g. toe nail fungus), insecticidal (the Minnesota state bird), and anti-parasitic. It is an ingredient in a very effective lice shampoo which also works well against fleas on dogs.

Dr. McLaughlin spoke to an audience in Columbus, Ohio about his life's work shortly after he retired for a second time. This lecture is available for viewing on video or listening to on audio at www.pawpaw.tv.

For those who wish to purchase Paw Paw, the product that Dr McLaughlin's created is available at www.pawpawforhealth.com.

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